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How about this? A sweet young girl trying to become closer with people in her school, but most people are scared of her because they think she's like that girl from the horror movie The Ring.


That one that’s “no matter how I look at it it’s your fault I’m not popular” or something. watamote? actually now I look at it I don’t know if you’re joking

Nadeshiko Shichihenge

Guess the manga: Back alley doctor encounters unconscious, amnesiac girl in garbage heap. After he nurses the cute, naive girl back to health, she sets out on her own on a moving, coming-of-age type journey of self discovery and rediscovery... by brutally martial-arts murdering a gore strewn path through a Mad Max style post-apocalyptic wasteland overflowing with eclectic and colorful bad guys too foolish to stay out of her way.


Elfen Lied?

oh no wait that’s not a friggin post-apocalyptic wasteland.

I’m pretty sure the dude finds the chick in a garbage heap in Chobits but she doesn’t murder anyone…



It’s Battle Angel Aelita, right?


luffy’s expressions between the point immediately after ace’s death (574) and his first smile when saying goodbye to jinbe on rusukaina (597).

timelapse: 23 chapters.

6,523 plays
Possibly another reason Usopp is such a sad character




So here is some One Piece…I don’t know, rambling of mine, I guess. KEEP IN MIND that I’m literally only in the Alabasta arc, and though I know some vague stuff from later arcs, such as who is in the crew currently, I’m super far behind because I’m an awful baby.

I feel like Sanji has one of the more unrealistic dreams of the crew. Though I believe All Blue exists, and obviously so do the crew, it’s quite possibly just a myth, or an exaggeration at best. Zoro’s dream is at least concrete; there is already a world’s greatest swordsman and all he needs to do is train to become better. The world is finite, and Nami can map it. It’s a rather time consuming dream, of course, and it’s always possible she’ll die before she completes it, but it’s possible. Luffy’s dream is probably also a tad unrealistic in that (UP TO THE POINT I’M AT, AT LEAST) One Piece is a vague thing, and I don’t know how well pirates uphold monarchy…However, I think Usopp’s is probably the most unachievable dream.

I do not say this because I do not love Usopp; I do. He’s an amazing character and stronger than he realizes. But that’s kind of the point. He’s stronger and braver than he realizes, and his dream is basically subjective. I think in the eyes of the crew, certainly Luffy, he already IS a brave warrior of the sea, but in order for him to achieve that, HE has to think that. “Brave Warrior of the Sea” is a vague goal, and at least with Luffy and Sanji’s goals, they’re working toward something, however mythic it might turn out to be. And even if there comes a time when Usopp decides he’s achieved his goal, there will be days when he thinks “but have I really?” Days where, in that moment, however fleeting or long lasting, he will question it. Yes, Zoro, too, will have to defend his title, but he’ll KNOW when or if he’s lost it. Usopp will constantly be wondering if he still measures up. And certainly his nakama will assure him that he has nothing to worry about, but theirs is not the standard he has to live up to.

This is all very true, but I’m not sure it makes Usopp a sad character. After all, he wants to sail on the seas with his friends. In a way, he’s already living his dream, but doen’t realise it or doesn’t think he’s all the way there yet - but that process is also a part of reaching of for it. As you say, it’s all quite subjective, and that means it’s very much an internal journey for him as well as external.

(Personally I headcanon that he thinks he won’t have becomee a truly great warrior until he can laugh wholeheartedly in the face of mortal danger like Luffy can. I don’t think that’s necessary to be brave, but I could see Usopp feeling that.)

And then sometimes I get to thinking that Usopp is the only Strawhat that might actually die at this point in the story without his dream being unfulfilled, as long as he dies bravely… and then I get worried. :(

Ahh yes, the old ‘Usopp’s Dream’ discussion. As stated early in the post, I too find Usopp’s and Sanji’s dreams to be most interesting. Sanji’s because it’s the least concrete… and Usopp’s because unlike everyone else in the crew, his is an ‘inner’ journey that can only be truly determined by himself alone. But this post is about Usopp, so that’s who I’ll talk about.

I have one word; Elbaf.

I have no doubt in my mind that there will be an Elbaf arc. From Dory and Borgy on Little Garden, to Oimo and Kashi at Enies Lobby, to Hajrudin only very recently in Dressrosa. All of these guys are from Elbaf and have been spaced fairly evenly throughout the series so far. They’ve also all had positive interaction with Usopp in some way, and it is evident that before they even arrive in Elbaf, they will have friends there.

Little Garden was the first time Usopp was given a strong affirmation and direction toward his dream. He’d always wanted to be a brave warrior, but it wasn’t until he met the giants at Little Garden that he realised exactly what type of brave warrior he wanted to be like, that he realised ‘Yes! THAT is the type of person I want to become!!’

Let’s add to the mix that ‘Elbaf’ spelled backwards is ‘Fable’, as in the type of stories told by Aesopp, which is where part of Usopp’s name comes from.

That’s right.


Think of how incredible an arc Enies Lobby was for Usopp. Times that by about fifty, and you’ll get a it of an idea of what I’m expecting from Usopp during the Elbaf arc. Especially if it’s towards the end of the series, I completely think it could be the arc in which he fulfills his dream. 

And how will he go about that? This has gotten long, and I’ve already written my thoughts on the subject :)


And the whole Arc just ???

























In the name of the moon, I will punish you!


In the name of the moon, I will punish you!